Say hello on Steemit !

I’m Fonnh, which’s my surname’s pronounce acturally,living in Changsha,the capital of Hunan Province in China.

@tumutanzi said posting on Steemit maybe get paid highly,  this sounds pretty attractive. Soon I signed up the Steemit account. However, I didn’t know what valuable things I can offer to others, especially foreign guys, because we all know people usually like those posts full of beauties like girls, sceneries, food etc as I do.  After hesitating for short while, I give up the hopeless illusions.

The question is now why I still stay Steemit ? The powerful Internet helps people all over the world gather in the same space and time and talk about same topics freely, this sounds great, isn’t it ? Although Twitter can also do the same thing, 140 words is not enough to express clearly in my opinion, and Steemit is a natural extended way for blogging.

After that, I decided to stay and wished to make friends with some like-minded people on Steemit.

@tumutanzi 说Steemit可以获得可观的打赏,惹得我心痒痒的。于是,很自然地就注册了Steemit账号。然而,我们都知道社交网站喜欢的是美女、美景、美食等各种图文并茂,当我反观自己的博客,而我的那些文字之于他人又能有多少价值,尤其是对于外国人?念及此,痒痒的心平静下来,对所谓打赏并不如何期待了。



Finally, I wanna say I will try to translate every post with my not good enough English skills, thank you for coming.

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  1. 爆照获取打赏的概率更高些,特别是有老天赏饭吃的颜值。另辟蹊径,搞点干货也是有可能获取打赏的,君不见各种公众号。只是这种对大众口味的探索,有点漫长了。

    1. 因此,就不要针对大众了,写自己的,在读博的社区里总会有几个臭味相投的吧!

        1. 就像文中所述,如果是个美女,天天晒照,肯定受欢迎!除此之外,我觉得希望不大,也就是去图个热闹。