Notes of “A Game of Thrones”

After Ajun introduced the TV series “Game of Thrones” to me several months ago, I thought it should be full of demons and monsters, then felt disappointed to give it up as watched first two seasons. When a lot of talks and remarks about season five were full around me, I regained some interests in it soon and watched last three seasons. The story is very complex and various, seems even no protagonists to be set for surely, weird. When decision of improving my English by reading long story was made, George R. R. Martin’s fantasy novel “A Song of Ice and Fire” should not be a bad choice.

I’ll make some notes  when read it, and copy a few details that seems important or interesting.

1.   About the marriage between Ned Stark and Catelyn Tully

Eddard Stark had married her in Brandon’s place, as custom decreed, but the shadow of his dead brother still lay between them, as did the other, the shadow of the woman he would not name, the woman who had borne him his bastard son.

1.1   Why does Ned refuse to reveal who’s Jon Snow’s mother ? In chapter 12, Robert talked about  a wench named Wylla whom Ned ever had affairs with, Ned always was too hard on himself, except this time.  He thought it dishonored him and his family, but loved his bastard son as a trueborn one. And Jon is more like Ned than other brothers. But, who’s Jon Snow’s mother still a myth.
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言情小说不是艳情小说,更不是色情小说。我看过的第一部言情小说是席绢的《雪儿姑娘》。由此接触到了言情小说,随后也看了许多席绢的作品:《凉夏校园纪事》、《富家女》、《浪漫一生又何妨》、《上错花轿嫁对郎》等等。此类小说语言欢快夸张、情节简单、人物性格纯粹,颇有趣味,实乃闲暇时光饱卧床榻的休闲小品。至于琼瑶阿姨的小说,恕在下抵抗力低下,那语言风格如此强大让我唯恐避之不及。 Read More